Tech blog : DIY Waxing Part 2, The Waxing Toolkit

Rocking on to Part 2 of the DIY home waxing series! In this installment, we will go over essential and potential items to keep in your home waxing toolkit. If you are into kits in general, like first aid kits, ski repair kits, etc., warning – ski wax toolkits are just as cool! You don’t need every little thing to start with, start with the basics and add on what you decide you need as you get more into it.

The basic items you cannot wax without are an iron, wax, and a scraper. The first choice for an iron by rookie home waxers is often a retired clothes iron. This does the trick and can often be found for free or very cheap at a garage sale or thrift store. Major score if you find one without steam vent holes on the ironing surface!   For a slightly larger investment, specialized ski waxing irons have fine scale temperature control and even heat distribution as key features. I have tried both options, and absolutely notice a difference with a ski waxing iron. Setting a precise temperature allows you to melt the wax from the wax bar onto the ski and then iron it into the ski with incredible consistency compared to a clothes iron. However, if all you have is a clothes iron, you won’t even know what you’re missing! Keep your eye out for clearance waxing irons, you may be able to find one for as little as $30!

Alpine touring skis, split boards, and backcountry cross-country skis also use glide wax and no other type of wax.

A scraper is a very basic tool for scraping the wax off of the ski or board. Most scrapers are made of plastic, metal edge scrapers are also available for scraping hard wax, klister, or p-tex during base repairs. Pick one wide enough to scrape the width of your ski or board in one scrape. Plastic scrapers do get dull and gummed up with wax after several uses, any shop that waxes skis will likely sharpen your scraper for you.

A few other items, while not absolutely essential, are very useful to have. A pen or specially shaped plastic groove scraper is handy for scraping out the groove that runs down the middle of cross-country skis. Brass and nylon brushes for the next finishing step after the wax is scraped off (more on this in Part 3), for all types of skis and boards. And finally, a fibertex pad or green scrubbie is used for the final finishing step.

Moving beyond waxing and into edge and base maintenance, you could add a few more bits to your kit. For quick edge maintenance, consider an side edge sharpener, or go with a file and guide for more in depth side and base edge sharpening. Either way, a set of diamond stones is useful to remove burrs and polish edges after filing. A p-tex candle is key for base repairs!

Finally, throw in some base cleaner and fiberlene cloth to round out your kit!

Handy checklist
  • Iron
  • Wax
  • Scraper
Add-ons for improved wax prep and finishing
  • Groove scraper
  • Brass brush
  • Nylon Brush
  • Fibertex pad
  • Base cleaner
  • Fiberlene Cloth
Edge sharpening
  • Side edge sharpener
  • File and guide
  • Diamond Stone
Base repair
  • P-tex candle
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