Adams Lake

Have you ever wondered about going on a paddling trip on Adams Lake?  Ranked as the 6th deepest lake in the world, Adams Lake boasts sandy beach camping, a rich history with pictographic evidence, and endless paddling adventure possibilities! Adams Lake, just north of Chase, BC, is in the traditional territory of the Adams Lake …

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Wragge Beach campground

Wragge Beach campground is on a beautiful sand beach on Slocan Lake in the heart of the Kootenays. The campground is rustic, with no running water, electricity or cell service. If off-the-grid camping is your style, Wragge Beach does provide you with all the basics: pit toilets, a nice sturdy log picnic table in every …

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Sombrio Beach

Breathe. The waves, the air, the rainforest. Sombrio Beach is located on The West Coast of Vancouver Island, and is a hot spot for surfing in Canada. Sombrio Beach is about a two hour drive from Victoria, BC and is situated in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. With a temperature rainforest backdrop full of truly …

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Last sliver of sun at Nels Bight

Cape Scott

The pacific winds will blow their freshness to youand the storms their energy.Nature’s peace will flow and all your cares andworries will drop off like autumn leaves.May you never forget the magic of Cape Scott. ~BC Parks Welcome sign at Nels Bight Leaving the populated Southern Vancouver Island in the rearview mirror, the remote Northern …

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Moses Falls

Moses Falls

Moses Falls is a perfectly lush, green waterfall hiding in the inland temperate rainforest for you to discover! These dreamy falls are within very easy reach of Revelstoke, perfect for a quick nature retreat. Moses Falls cascade down from Westside Rd. to the Columbia River, over a series of wide cliff bands. An upper access …

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